Permission to reproduce Robert Vickrey artwork is granted on a limited basis at the discretion of the artist’s estate.

The following information is required for each request for image permission. Any missing information may delay your request.

  • contact information for the applicant
  • title of the image(s) requested
  • title and type of publication
  • author
  • publisher
  • date of publication
  • print run
  • context/reason for including the specific Vickrey image(s)
  • date of deadline (please allow at least 10 business days upon receipt for processing)


  • Please send requested information to:
  • VAGA at
  • or
  • Vickrey Estate at
  • Or by mail at:
  • The Estate of Robert Vickrey
  • 3214 Kelton Ave.
  • Los Angeles, CA  90036


  • All permissions are for one-time, non-exclusive use. Images are not to be cropped, over-printed, or otherwise altered unless color proofs and layouts are submitted to and approved by the Robert Vickrey Estate prior to publication. No other related publications (advertisement, online reproduction, subsequent editions, etc.) may be produced without specific permission from the Estate of Robert Vickrey.

Mr. Vickrey’s images are not licensed for any commercial products such as calendars, t-shirts, posters, book jackets, music packaging, et al. Unauthorized uses of copyrighted images are subject to prosecution.